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Plug-in Dilemma

Q: I have a Pro Tools LE system at home and use McDSP plug-ins. If I want to finish recording at a commercial studio that uses Waves plug-ins, will I be able to pull up my music files? Will my audio files come up from my home session or can I still retrieve my recording?

A: If you’re using Pro Tools at home, and the commercial studio also has Pro Tools, then your sessions and audio files should open up and play just fine, with one caveat: your plug-ins will not be available – they will be “grayed out” in the Pro Tools session. Because of this, you will not hear your tracks with the processing from the McDSP plug-ins. But the audio files themselves and the session should load okay.

One solution is to bounce your tracks to disk at home with the McDSP plug-ins applied, so that the tracks have the correct processing when you play them in the studio.

Another solution is to try to duplicate the sounds you are getting with the McDSP plug-ins using the studio’s Waves plug-ins.

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