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Planning for hard drive space when working with DV material.

Q: “How much hard drive space should I plan for with my DV project?”

A: The following is some very useful information that you can use as a guide when estimating how much hard drive space you’ll need for your project.

Project Files – DV-format video (3.6 MB / Second):

_ 30 Sec -108 MB
_ 1 Min – 216 MB
_ 5 Min – 1.08 GB
_ 10 Min – 2.16 GB
_ 30 Min – 6.5 GB
_ 60 Min – 13 GB

However, in addition to space for captured files and project files, you need space for render files, extra copies, and test files. A rule of thumb to determine how much space you need is to multiply the amount of space needed for your finished program by about five.

For example, if you want to create a music video that’s approximately four minutes long using DV video:

• 3.6 MB/sec. video data rate x 60 seconds = 216 MB/min. x 4 minutes = 864 MB needed for project files
• 864 x 5 = 4320 MB needed for project, render, cache, and other files

Round off 4320 MB to 4.5 GB to be on the safe side. This is the amount of disk space you’ll need to allow just for this one project. If you plan to work on multiple projects at the same time, estimate the amount for each project and add these numbers together.

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