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Perpetual Looper

This is a new sample looping tool available in BIAS Peak Pro 6 that is based on BIAS’s powerful Partial Harmonic Audio Technology (PHAT). The Perpetual Looper makes it easy to create smooth, seamless loops of monophonic, tonal sounds by performing the processing in the frequency domain, rather than the time domain, which is how looping has traditionally been done in the past. PHAT is actually an analysis/additive resynthesis engine, which provides sound design capabilities that were never available before. This is accomplished using a Fast Fourier Transform to convert the audio from the time domain to the frequency domain, then extracting the harmonic structure of the signal. The Looper’s ability to treat each harmonic component in a sound individually enables it to eliminate looping discontinuities in the waveform of each partial, which was often the cause of clicking in otherwise well-executed time-domain loops. It also smooths out spectral differences between the start and end points of a loop.

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