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Which Peak Studio?

Q: I want to buy BIAS Peak Studio, but not sure if I need XT or the new one. Can you help me figure out what the differences are?

A: Sure, we’re happy to clarify. There are now two versions of BIAS Peak Studio. The new one, as announced at the recent Winter NAMM tradeshow, is simply called Peak Studio. The other one, which previously existed, is called Peak Studio XT.

Both Peak Studios include the following:

  • Peak Pro 7
  • SoundSoap 2
  • SoundSoap Pro 2
  • Master Perfection Suite
  • DDP Export
  • Sqweez-1 (new version of the BIAS wide band compressor with new limiter feature)
  • SoundSaver application (not a plug-in)
  • XILS (limited edition)
  • SFX Machine LT plug-in
  • Bonus content
  • Multi-channel companion editing environment for Peak Pro (coming in the next few months — this will be a free upgrade for Peak Studio owners)

There really is only one difference between Peak Studio and Peak Studio XT: the plug-ins included with Peak Studio will only run in Peak Studio. The plug-ins included with Peak Studio XT will also run in third-party AudioUnits, RTAS, and VST hosts.

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