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Patch Changes on Korg Keyboards

An inSync reader asks:

“Is there a way to allow a local patch change on the Korg Trinity Pro X to not change the sound of the current sustained notes (as you can do with the Kurzweil Family)? I am doing programming for a musical show that requires many patches to be chained in order and changed via switch pedal, and it is essential that sustained notes not change when the switch pedal is bumped (until the next note(s) are attacked).”

Unfortunately the answer is no. Korg keyboards have always changed patches the moment the new patch is engaged. Further, due to the effects architecture (effects change immediately on all keyboards I know of) it would probably sound pretty screwy to have the first sound stay in place anyway, unless you use the same effects on every patch. Admittedly that capability is a nice feature of the Kurzweil instruments. May we interest you in a K2500? We have refurbished units in stock at great prices.

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