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OSX on Macs with Pro Tools

We have received reports that some users are installing Mac OS X on the same computer with their Pro Tools system. Pro Tools will not run at all on OS X, but more importantly OS X should not be installed on the same computer with your Pro Tools system. Even when using Pro Tools with the approved OS 9.0.4 or 9.1, there have been reports of unrecoverable Pro Tools errors on computers after users have installed OS X in addition to OS 9.x. Digidesign is currently investigating these reports along with their development partners, including PACE Anti-Piracy and Apple Computer. Digidesign has been actively working with Apple for over a year towards supporting OS X with Digidesign products, but please be strongly advised that Pro Tools is currently not compatible with OS X.

At Sweetwater we have been selling new Macs that come pre-installed with OS 9.2 and OS X and have not had any problems. We’re still investigating on this end as well, but for now please avoid the temptation to try OSX unless you have another computer you can run it on.

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