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Optimizing OSX for DP4

Here are a few tips for optimizing your OS X system for Mark of the Unicorn’s DP4 (Digital Performer version 4).

Mac OS X makes it much easier optimize your system for Digital Performer 4. For instance, you no longer have to allocate RAM or trim extensions – YES! Having said that, we recommend these settings in order to avoid conflicts while Digital Performer is running:

1. Click SCREEN EFFECTS and go to Activation. Set “Time until Screen Effects starts” to NEVER.
2. Return to System Preferences, and click ENERGY SAVER. Set “Put the computer to sleep….” to NEVER.
3. Return to System Preferences, and click SOUND. In the Sound Effects page, turn OFF the item “Play user interface sound effects”.
4. Return to System Preferences, and click QUICKTIME. In the Update page, turn OFF “Check for updates automatically”.
5. Return to System Preferences, and click CLASSIC. In the Start/Stop page, turn ON “Warn before starting Classic”.
6. Return to System Preferences, and click SOFTWARE UPDATE. In the Update Software page, turn OFF “Automatically check for updates…”
You can periodically check for update, by clicking the “CHECK NOW” button in the Software Update panel. We recommend that you QUIT all applications before doing this.

Finally, Mark of the Unicorn currently recommends having the latest version of OSX (currently 10.2.5). Also, be sure to continually check www.motu.com for software updates and compatibility information.

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