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Optical media and the Apple G4 PowerBook.

Q: “What types of optical media can I use with my PowerBook G4?”

A: This largely depends on whether you have a slot loading drive, or a tray-loading drive. If you have the latter of the two, you’re in good shape to use regular-sized CD-ROMs and smaller round, and other nonstandard shaped discs. However, according to Apple, the 120 mm round discs (the usual sized CD-ROMS) are the only size and shape that work with slot loading or slotted tray CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Combo or SuperDrives. They must be between 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm in thickness. Inserting a nonstandard sized or shaped disc into a drive that is not designed to accommodate it may damage the drive. Some slot-loading drives may be able to accomodate 80 mm round discs, but their use is not supported and any damage caused will not be covered under your Apple warranty or applicable extended service contract.

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