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How often should you back up your hard drive?

Back that data up, now.

“I just purchased a new computer based DAW. How often should I back up my hard drives?”

Every single chance you get. Murphy’s Law usually comes into play at the worst possible time. If you go for long periods of time working on things without backing them up, the resulting damage from the loss of all that information in some type of crash increases exponentially. For a real world number we say to back up critical files (what kind of files would you be working on that aren’t critical?) every time you use the system. If you use your system daily then you should do a backup daily. You might find that constantly saving and backing up is time consuming, but ask yourself this: How many hours of work on a project can you afford to lose? Maybe you are willing to risk backing up every other day or once per week. Whatever. In the end it’s your time and money, and you can decide. If you want to minimize the hassle there are many good utilities on the market that will automate the process for you. Talk to your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for specific hardware and software recommendations for your needs.

We have done a number of other Tech Tips over the years that go into more detail about specific archiving and backup practices. Searching our TTOTD archives with key words like “archive” and “backup” should help you find those.

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