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Microphone Month

We now carry Studio Project Mics!

We’re excited about the addition of a new brand to our line-up of top manufacturers. The name is Studio Projects, they make great microphones, and we just received the first shipment! First up is the C1, a flexible cardioid studio mic that’s good for all kinds of applications but really kicks on vocals. As far as sound quality and performance, the C1 rivals mics 3 and 4 times its price. Next, the C3 is an excellent large diaphragm, multi-pattern condenser mic. It’s great for overhead choirs, strings, pianos, drums and more, delivering a deep, rich sound you’ll love. Finally, there’s the T3, Studio Project’s high-end vacuum tube microphone featuring a special hand selected 6072 “dual triode” vacuum tube. It’s a fantastic all-purpose recording mic with a warm, transparent sound.

Sonic Foundry’s Acid Planet website is holding a contest for best Flash animation featuring a soundtrack created with their Acid software.

SEK’D has posted drivers Windows 2000 compatible drivers for a number of their audio cards, offering MME and ASIO2 support. They are posted online for your downloading pleasure.

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