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Novation Launchpad Review

The Launchpad makes controlling Ableton Live a fantastic hands-on experience.

As an admittedly entry-level Ableton Live user, the tangibility and ease of use of the Novation Launchpad allowed me to create and mix quickly and easily – all while feeling sleek and professional! I could turn off my screen and hide my keyboard and mouse and essentially “play” Ableton Live from the Launchpad. This instantly made my Live experience more musical and less technical.

The Launchpad from Novation makes controlling Ableton Live a fantastic hands-on experience. The light-up multicolored controls are slick and intuitive. Sixty-four touchpads lay perfectly under the fingers and the unit as a whole has a very solid feel despite its portability and light weight. In addition to their automapped integrated functionalities, the pads can also be easily MIDI mapped to any assignable parameter in Live! Eight additional function buttons navigate functions in Ableton Live such as volume, pan, send levels, track solo and mute, as well as two “user modes” that allow you to easily customize any mappable parameters.

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