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Novation K-Station

The synth wizards from Novation recently sent us their K-Station. It’s sort of like their A-Station with keys (25 of them); it’s a two octave, touch sensitive keyboard that uses the same powerful sound engine as the A Station, and also features 8-voice polyphony with 12 band vocoder and arpeggiator, and 25 knobs that transmit MIDI.

Sonic Foundry has released the new 5.0f version of Sound Forge. New features include Windows XP support, ACID 3.0 support, improved detection of third-party DirectX plug-ins, and several bug fixes and interface enhancements. The new version can be downloaded from their website.

Steinberg is releasing the latest version of their WaveLab audio editing program. The WaveLab software is the software of choice for many audio professionals and is one of the fastest and most fully-featured audio editors available.

New features available in V4 include:

* Support for up to 32-bit 192 kHz audio resolution
* Support for Ensoniq Paris 24 Bit Sound
* OSQ lossless compression file format for audio files
* Simultaneous saving of multiple audio files in the background allowing you to continue working on audio editing.
* Audio File Database
* MTC Synchronization
* New real-time effects including loudspeaker simulation for headphones
* Audio backup direct to CD with ZIP or OSQ support
* Support for multimode CD’s

Everyone ordering at Sweetwater will receive the new 4.0 version as soon as it ships to us.

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