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Like the ORTF method (WFTD 4/17/97), NOS, which stands for Nederlandshe Omroep Stichting (that’s the Netherlands Broadcasting System for all you monoglots) is a stereo miking technique. The NOS method is to place two cardioid microphones 30 cm (11.811023622 inches) apart and angled at 90 degrees from one another. This method produces more ambience than a strict coincident placement of mics, and fewer phase problems than widely spaced pairs of mics. Try the NOS method when recording ensembles or group performances, as well as on acoustic instruments. The center image of the recording will be nice and strong, but with a good amount of subdued room sound blended in as well… (for further information on mic patterns and placement, see inSync TTOTD 3/25)

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