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Night Train Switches

Q: I’m very interested in the Vox Night Train amplifier. What do the Bright/Thick switch and the OP Mode switch do? How do you control the sound with no tone controls?

A: There are tone controls on the Vox Night Train, but they are only active in the “Bright” switch position. Putting the Bright/Thick switch in the “Thick” position bypasses the tone stack and increases the gain. However, the Night Train is voiced to sound great in Thick mode even without having tone controls!

The OP Mode switch changes the output power tubes from pentode operation (15 watts) to triode operation (7-1/2 watts). Dropping the power in half makes the Night Train even more friendly for practice, home, studio, and rehearsal use! Note that cutting the power in half does not cut the volume in half, although the drop in volume is still substantial.

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