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NEWS: Granelli G5790

Who’d have thought that an SM57 would be one of the stand-out items I’d see at the Summer NAMM show? But, when the Granelli guys asked me to step into their booth, it was definitely a “Doh!” moment! These guys take a real Shure SM57 and mod it – they put a 90-degree bend in the body. Suddenly, the mic is perfect for drums, guitar cabinets, and all those other things that you automatically stick a 57 on.

But, bending the SM57 involves more than just a big set of pliers and a vice grip. Granelli has specifically engineered the custom-made aluminum bend that they add between the mic’s capsule and the existing body to maintain the mic’s signature tone – it’s actually quite a feat of acoustical engineering.

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

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