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  • Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed Relic – Carry this baby into the studio or onstage and watch all the other guitarists drool! The Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed Relic takes Fender’s 15-watt tube preamp/power amp platform and pushes it through a 12″ Fender Special Design speaker with a ton of vintage vibe. That classic Fender sound comes courtesy of a pair of EL-84 Groove Tube output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. Push them hard and you get great overdrive; back off a bit and the Blues Junior cleans up for classic Fender “spank and sparkle” tones. Add the renowned Fender reverb, flexible controls, and a FAT circuit for golden tones. As if that weren’t enough, Fender is limiting production on this killer amp to just 250 units! Order yours today!
  • Vienna Symphonic Library Chamber Strings II – This new collection offers all-new articulations and sonic subtleties for small string ensembles. It includes many of the playing techniques that made the original collection a hit, but this time the strings are played con sordino (with mutes). They lend themselves well to soft, intimate arrangements, and provide nuanced variations for your orchestral palette. The Chamber Strings II collection offers short and sustained notes, crescendos, and dimuendos, along with Vienna’s unique Interval Performances including legato, portamento, and trill performances.

    Also available: Vienna Symphonic Library Chamber Strings II Extended permanently unlocks all of the extended content included with Vienna Symphonic Library Chamber Strings II.

  • SKB Studio Flyer 4U – This laptop case not only provides an ultra-durable way to transport your portable recording setup or gig hardware, it’s also equipped to carry your laptop. Built with cable pass-through for easy setup and tear-down, the Studio Flyer 4U even includes built-in wheels and a pull-out handle for convenient transport. There’s a TSA-approved lock so it’s just as easy to travel securely on planes. Other great features such as a removeable cover, nylon-reinforced fiberglass trigger release latches, and built-in mouse pad surface make the Studio Flyer 4U a truly performance-ready case! It’s even deep enough to fit a Digidesign 003 rack!
  • Novation Nocturn – This compact control surface provides excellent software control for DJs and desktop recordists alike! Nocturn features eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders, each equipped with a bright 11-LED ring (ideal for laptop DJ gigs in a dark club environment). These are accompanied by eight user-assignable illuminated buttons and a smooth, professional 45mm cross-fader. The finishing touch is Novation’s unique “speed dial,” a touch-sensitive rotary encoder that instantly takes control of whatever your mouse is focused on! With a revolutionary “heads-up transparent control GUI,” Automap Universal 2.0 places a transparent control map across your computer screen, to be recalled or hidden at will.

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