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Microphone Month 5

New In Stock Special Edition

We’ve been receiving so much great new gear at Sweetwater lately it has come time to try to get our loyal inSync readers caught up on it. To that end today’s inSync will be devoted exclusively to new items we’ve received in stock the past few weeks. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Here goes:

New in stock at Sweetwater:

Yamaha’s new MG12/4 is a small mixer with a large console heritage! It undergoes the same rigorous quality and reliability tests as Yamaha’s world-class PM-series mixing consoles but features a very useful 4 mono microphone/line inputs and 4 stereo line inputs! Use it live, or in your studio!

Samson’s new C03 is a multi-pattern large condenser microphone that is perfect for just about anything you throw at it. And, for the price, a pair would be great for stereo miking, overheads, choirs, and more!

What do you get when you combine JBL EON G2 powered speakers, a Soundcraft E-Series mixer, AKG microphones and all necessary cables? JBL’s new E-System! Musicians, performers and presenters looking for the convenience of a pre-configured system now have a quality choice! When the application requires light-weight, compact size, and more moderate performance levels, the E-System 10 fits the bill!

Engineers have been capturing the sound of a kick drum by artfully using both a condenser and dynamic microphone! Audio Technica does one better by delivering the AE2500, which features both microphones in one design! Housing both a condenser and dynamic element, positioned in perfect phase relationship, this microphone is sure to give you the boom and the snap you need from your kick!

Take your music into the OZONE! M-Audio delivers big with the space-saving, all-in-one design of the Ozone, a 25-key USB/MIDI keyboard. At first glance, you might mistake it for its best-selling cousin, the Oxygen 8, but one look at the back panel reveals audio I/O as well as MIDI I/O! That’s right, the Ozone is a MIDI controller keyboard, MIDI interface, control surface AND audio interface! Now THAT’S value!

As more studios move to provide surround support, we’ve seen a rise in requests for quality, affordable, studio subwoofers for the project and personal studios. Samson’s new Resolv 120a active subwoofer takes care of your low end needs with 120 watts of low frequency power! Call today!

IK Multimedia superb suite of mastering plug-ins for VST let you put the finishing touches on your mix, creating excellent, tube-toned masters on your desktop audio production system. T-RackS Plug-In delivers an all-pro EQ, Compressor, Master Limiter in one extremely affordable package.

How do you improve on a successful digital mixer design? Just ask Yamaha! They’ve taken the highly regarded 01V digital mixer and delivered the 01V96! This new mixer adds more than just high resolution (up to 96kHz and 24-bit) with such goodies as integrated DAW control, surround panning, and a ton of onboard I/O! Check it out today!

DigiTech’s new guitar effects/USB audio interface, the RPx400 is the perfect tool for the guitar enthusiast who’s just getting into recording with their computer! Equally comfortable in the studio and on stage, this floor pedal processor features a ton of amp models, digital effects, and more. With a USB port, mic input, and included Cakewalk software, the RPx400 is also a great recording interface for your computer! This pedal does so much that it’s impossible to cover it all in the space we have here, so give us a call for the full scoop!

Samson’s new TS 100 is a heavy-duty speaker stand that is made from lightweight aluminum and is ideal for a variety of PA speakers. It’s adjustable up to 6 feet and handles up to 110 lbs! One look at the price will bowl you over! Call today.

As the world’s FIRST motor driven CD platter, the DN-S5000 is a true vinyl emulating CD player – something DJs have been waiting decades for! Apply scratch, tempo and other effects in real-time. It will never be the same!

Apple’s newest crop of iPods feature more storage in a smaller box! For the audio professional, the iPod represents a portable juke box and a whole lot more. Due to its convenient size, storage capacity (10GB, 15GB and 30GB), and file format flexibility (.AIFF & .WAV in addition to .MP3 and AAC), musicians are using it to share recording sessions, show off their “reel” to producers or to reference rough mixes from the night before! This new 15GB model features a handy dock and a slimmer design. The 30 GB iPod holds an amazing 7,500 songs but weighs in at only 6.2 ounces! The 15 GB iPod is even smaller. New to the iPod line is an extremely useful Dock that makes charging and syncing even easier than before! Call today!

Can you imagine an Alesis, 6-channel mixer WITH onboard effects for under $100? Take a long look at the MultiMix 6FX! With 99, high quality, 24-bit Alesis digital effects and a total of 6 inputs, the MultiMix 6FX truly delivers!

If you’re in the market for a fully-professional 16-channel mixer, take a long look at Yamaha’s new MB16/4 analog mixer! Desktop or rack mounted (kit included), this 4-bus mixer delivers the goods for the budget-minded musician! Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information!

Samson’s C05 handheld condenser microphone delivers studio quality sound in a mic that’s great for live performance – and at a very nice price, too! That’s right: condenser quality at dynamic affordability! Call today and upgrade your live vocals!

WOW! A digital delay pedal with up to 23 seconds of delay! That’s the new DD-20 from BOSS. With a choice of 11 modes, this twin pedal truly raises the bar for delay effects! We’ve just started getting them in and the demand is through the roof – get your order in today.

Are you afraid that a pair of great-sounding small condenser microphones are outside your budget? If so, think again! Samson’s new CO2 stereo set of small condenser microphones are BEYOND affordable and are ready to record your acoustic instruments, percussion, pianos and more! Call today!

Samson’s new Stage 55 wireless systems pack a big punch with a small price tag. In stock is a headset system that is perfect for the performer who needs to keep his or her hands free – such as drummers, keyboardists and more! Check it out today!

Gator’s mini racks are the perfect solution for shallow rack gear such as effects and EQs! Compact with the exterior depth of 17.5″, and total rackable depth of 14.5″, these racks are easy to carry and are packed with all the features such as front and rear rack rail, universally stacking, durable front and rear lids and comfortable sloped side handles. While there are a bunch of different configurations, we just received some 3-space units that we know will hit the mark for all your live shows this summer.

8-tracks of uncompressed 24-bit pristine audio, effects, CDRW, programmable drum machine and more for less than $700! The MRS-802CD from Zoom offers an incredible array of features for musicians who want to record their demo, projects or entire albums in one, easy-to-use unit!

Lacie’s 52x24x52 FireWireCD-RW drive allows you to quickly and easily record, write and play CDs. Use your CD-RW drive to master your own music CDs, or store and archive your important audio data! This is easily one of the most affordable and convenient methods for storage and back up available!

Brian Moore’s i4.13 4-string bass features a natural finish and fast tracking 13-pin access to explore all of the fun sounds from the latest 13-pin compatible systems from Roland! The 13-pin system is perfect for blending in incredible, colorful sounds to expand your live performance possibilities, or you can control your entire home recording and project studio, other keyboard sound devices, and record directly into the latest Studio computer software! Check it out today!

The Alesis Ai-4 is an 8-channel digital converter that handles ADAT light pipe and AES/EBU conversion. Housed in a 1U rack unit, the Ai-4 is full duplex and streams data at sample rates of 44.1kHz to 96kHz and is perfect for any digital studio owner.

The S-mix is a 5-Channel Mixer featuring XLR, Stereo 1/4″ and Stereo RCA inputs, Stereo 1/4″ and Stereo RCA outputs. The strength of the S-mix is in its size – it’ll fit in your hand – and affordability! Call today!

The all-new iBooks are the most affordable Apple notebooks ever and at 4.9-pounds, the iBook fits in your backpack – and your life! With a choice of 12.1″ or 14.1″ displays, 800MHz or 900MHz PowerPC G3 processors, 30GB or 40GB hard drives, 128MB or 256MB of RAM expandable to 640MB, the iBook gives you world-class performance in a slim, stunning design. Break down the audio barriers and save space and money in the process!

Samson’s new line of microphones for drums are exceptionally affordable and able to handle high volumes of SPL! Included with the Q Snare mic is a carrying case and rim-mounting system – it couldn’t be any easier!

Samson’s new Q Kick bass drum microphone is the picture perfect solution for drummers on the rise or trying to live within a budget! For quite a bit less than $100 you get a large dynamic mic that was designed for low frequency, high SPL signals! Call today for more information!

If you’re a drummer or engineer then you’re really going to appreciate what Samson has done for you! The 3Kit Drum Mic Kit is not only a slick little set of tom mics, but the price couldn’t be better! These mics come with their own rim clips and are capable of handling high SPLs – perfect for drum toms, bongos and other percussion gear. Check them out today!

What would you say to an entire professional drum kit mic set – including overhead condensers – for under $320? Samson’s new 7Kit Drum Mic Kit provides a wicked package including one Q Kick mic, one Q Snare, three Q Tom mics, two C02 pencil condensers, rim clips and a road case! It’s everything you would expect from a professional drum kit mic package – except the price!

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