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New in Stock Special Edition

It’s that time again. We’ve been receiving so many killer new tools and toys here at Sweetwater that we’ve fallen behind telling you about them. So…it’s time for a New in Stock Bonanza! Today’s inSync will feature a bunch of new stuff we’ve received in the last few weeks – things many of you are either already interested in or will be shortly. Read on.

New in stock at Sweetwater:

Universal Audio’s new 2108 microphone and instrument preamplifier is based on the amp in the 1176LN compressor/limiter, a processor still sought-after for its excellent, distinctive tone. As always, Universal Audio went to a lot of trouble to replicate the qualities exactly, at you can hear it. It’s a very versatile piece of gear for any studio.

There are a thousand different ways to groove, and you get all of them (and more) with GrooveMaker. This is the coolest software for the DJ or dance music artist we’ve seen for a long time. GrooveMaker is an unusual animal in the computer-based audio jungle: it lets you “play” the software like an instrument, so you can easily create layered loops and manipulate them in realtime. Plus there is a huge menu of great-sounding loops – over 500 different sounds – and a number of features that let create an endless variety of new and exciting grooves.

More infectious analog modeling from Access. The Virus C synthesizer module adds more features to the already proven Virus synth, making this perhaps the most impressive and user-friendly Virus yet.

Yamaha’s “basic” EMX mixer, a compact 6-input mono mixer with high-quality DSP effects that will be appreciated by any solo performer who wants a straightforward, uncomplicated mixer that will get the job done with no fuss.

Fender®’s Tele-Sonic may look like a typical Telecaster®, but Fender® added a few enhancements to make this axe sound more dirty, raunchy, and cranky than anything else in the Fender® line – even when you’re playing something nice.

Who better deserves a Stratocaster® in their name than the often-imitated, never-duplicated, main-contender-in-a-sea-of-pretenders Chicago Blues King Buddy Guy? The Buddy Guy Strat features a soft “V” shape neck and three gold Fender-Lace(r) Sensors with 25dB active mid-boost circuit to deliver fancy fretwork and sizzling tone for those with the skills.

In its mission to take the MiniDisc recorder into uncharted territory, Sony delivers the MZ-N707, a (very) fast and professional method to record MP3s and WMAs or ripped CD tracks from your computer. You can record at speeds of up to 32x. It features USB connection, OpenMG Jukebox software for managing your music and creating custom playlists, and an optical cable lets you make digital recordings from compatible audio components like a CD player, receiver, etc. You can even use a mic to capture live sound.

Logic users will be happy to hear that two great new computer-based audio production tools from Emagic have recently arrived at Sweetwater. The first is the ES2 Synth, which might set a new standard in “fat sounds” for a software synthesizer. Of course, it’s also packed with a range of features and capabilities behind a user-friendly interface. The EVOC20 package provides three powerful tools for sound design: a classic polyphonic vocoder with built-in synthesizer, a formant filter bank, and a pitch tracking vocoder. Each plug-in provides maximum flexibility and features pristine 32-bit sound quality.

Apple’s Cinema HD is an all-digital, 23-inch flat-panel display with 1920-by-1200-pixel resolution – enough to view high-definition (HD) content with room to spare. It’s the ideal display for Apple’s Final Cut Pro software to edit and author high-definition content.

Access’s latest Virus has infected the stately Sweetwater warehouse. The Virus Indigo 2 is a sleek, compact, 37-key analog simulation synthesizer with a “knob for every job” and the ability to create analog sounds so authentic, you’ll swear it’s the real deal.

Audio-Technica dropped off the newest member of their AT40 Series microphones, the AT4040 cardioid condenser. This technically-advanced large diaphragm tensioned specifically to provide smooth, natural sonic characteristics

Owners of the Digi Mbox will be happy of the arrival of the Companion from Glyph. It’s a dual port, 6-pin FireWire interface in a compact, portable case designed for use with the Mbox, providing exactly what you’ve come to expect from Glyph: excellent professional storage.

Paul Reed Smith’s Custom guitars are beautiful, no frills instruments that deliver buckets of the rich signature PRS tone. We’re very happy to get three new Custom guitars, two 22-fret models (Custom22BC and Custom22R) and one 24-fret model. All sport a Mahogany back and carved Maple top. The 22-fret instruments feature two Dragon II pickups, 5-way rotary selector switch, and volume and tone controls. The Custom BS (the 24-fret model) includes HFS bridge and Vintage Bass neck pickups.

Samson sent us their CO1, an affordable large diaphragm condenser that makes a great all-around recording mic. It’s excellent for capturing vocals and instruments in the studio, and also makes a very good overhead mic for recording drums.

DigiTech’s GNX3 is a different kind of amp modeler, with the ability to “warp” the characteristics of any 2 amp and cabinet models into a completely new “Hypermodel.” This means you can create an entirely new amp/cabinet combination that is uniquely your own. The GNX3 includes a huge host of effects, like distortion stompbox modeling, plus you get an S/PDIF digital output for direct connection to your digital recording gear.

Anyone who has ever struggled with getting quality audio in a small venue will love the Yamaha EMX66M powered mixer. Part of Yamaha’s EMX Series, this 6-channel, uncomplicated “plug-and-play” system includes quite a few convenient features, like high-quality effects and graphic EQ. It comes in a portable package built to withstand a little rough treatment.

Two newly arrived multi-channel dynamics processors from Presonus are sure to put a smile on the face of many an audio pro. The CL44 compressor/limiter with sidechain filter and the GTX44 frequency dependant gate/expander with sidechain monitor both feature 4 channels of processing in a single rack space unit. The CL44 includes all the features you might expect in this kind of high-quality professional compressor/limiter – like Variable Attack, Release, Ratio, etc – and adds a separate brickwall limiter, compander and high pass sidechain filter. The GTX44 is just as packed with pro features including variable threshold, attack, release, hold, range, and can be used as a noise gate or downward expander. A special “Duck” mode allows for ducking via Gate Sidechain input.

HHB’s CDR850 PLUS boasts a very affordable price tag and a comprehensive feature set, rugged build quality and an audio specification that exceeds the standards set by HHB’s previous professional CDRs. Key features are a precision 24-bit A-D converter and a 24-bit, multi-level Delta Sigma D-A converter. Engineered for professional studio use, the CDR830 records on pro-type CD-R and CD-RW discs (rather than the more expensive consumer discs) and is entirely SCMS free.

GRM Tools RTAS consists of eight plug-ins for realtime digital audio processing on the Macintosh with Digidesign 001 systems and ProTools 5 LE.

Epiphone has dropped off their “Pee Wee Rave Pack” for all you loners and rebels. It boasts a “mini” Les Paul with a full-sized neck and a battery operated “mini” Tweed amp, plus a few other handy odds and ends. It makes a perfect portable pack for instant, spontaneous jam sessions.

New additions to M Audio’s StudioPhile Series, the SP-8B and SP-8S (the subwoofer) offer two-way bi-amped near-field technology that delivers 100 watts of professional sound at a fraction of the cost of other monitors in their class. The SP8-B subwoofer integrates perfectly with the Studiophile SP-5b or SP-8b in stereo or 5.1 setups.

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