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June 2017 Giveaway

New in Stock Special Edition

The winter NAMM show is quickly upon is. It starts this Thursday (1/16). We’ll talk more about how we’re covering it this year later in the week. But before all that new gear starts flooding in here we thought now would be a good time to get up to date on all the great gear we’ve been receiving for the past couple of months. We’ll return with our regularly scheduled inSync programming tomorrow.

New in stock at Sweetwater:

The most comprehensive version of Samson’s Expedition, the XP300 is a powered loudspeaker with a built-in 4-channel stereo mixer and digital effects processing! Imagine it: a complete PA system in one package! Call today!

Zoom’s Micro Rhythm Track is one cool little stand alone drum machine! As the perfect addition to any digital audio recorder that lacks built-in rhythm programming, the MRT-3 fits any budget and hits home with all the right features!

Capable of producing 250 Watts a side into 4 ohm and 500 watts into 8 ohm bridged, the S500 amplifier from Samson delivers just the right combination of power and features – like a temperature sensitive speed controlled fan, XLR and locking TRS inputs, Banana jack and Speakon connector outputs – that engineers and musicians will love.

The Guild JF30-12 Jumbo 12-string was added to the Guild line in the mid 80s and instantly became a top seller! The JF30-12 combines the Maple body design of the JF30 with a hand-shaped 12-string neck. This jumbo flattop (17″ wide, 21″ long and 5″ deep) features a solid AA Spruce top, Blonde finish, solid curly Maple sides and an arched laminated Curly Maple back. Guild guitars represent fine workmanship and quality that you can feel and hear.

Joe Meek’s studio and recording methods are legendary. Here’s your opportunity to have two of his famous processors in one affordable bundle. Both the VC5 – Meequalizer – and the SC2 compressor hit home as Bomb Factory plug-ins for MOTU and Digidesign users. Check them out today!

Countryman’s famous Type 85 direct box has long been favored because of its sonic quality and road-worthy ruggedness. Utilizing only hand selected, high-quality discrete components, the Type 85 sounds smooth and sweet. Sweetwater is excited to offer this legendary direct box to our customers and once you’ve used it we’re sure that you’ll share our enthusiasm. Call today!

If you’ve been on the lookout for great sonic quality in a headworn style microphone that’s virtually invisible, look no further than Countryman’s IsoMax E6 Earset! This microphone won’t interfere or get in the way of your hair, hat or other accessories because it’s light enough to fit around your ear!

Now you can take M-Audio’s amazingly successful Oxygen 8 anywhere in style! This Gig Bag not only fits the Oxygen 8 physically, but it also features a sporty look and a handy shoulder strap! Save your hard-earned bucks with a limited time bundle that includes both the Gig Bag and the Oxygen 8!

Here’s an instrument that recalls the golden age of jazz with its classy styling and vintage appointments. Guild’s X150 features a laminated archtop, mahogany neck, a unique black pick guard, historic “f” holes and more – truly a legendary jazz guitar! Call!

Edirol’s UM-550 fits nicely in the middle between small, ultra-mobile MIDI interfaces with few MIDI ports and slightly more expensive, large 8X8 MIDI interfaces. With 5 MIDI ins and 5 MIDI outs, the UM-550 is just what the doctor ordered for many of us with project and personal studios! Doubling as a MIDI patcher, you can use the UM-550 in live performance as well. Call today for more information!

Roland’s MP-500 BW features a beautiful fine black walnut finish, 88 keys with progressive hammer action (just like a grand piano) and a stereo grand piano sound that will make your home or studio sound like a concert hall! If you enjoy playing, but don’t want to wake up the neighbors, try out the headphone jack. And, the MP-500 BW features 8 levels of reverb, a built-in metronome and more.

Roland’s new Studio Package Pro delivers just about everything you need to get started recording on your Mac or PC today! Featuring extensive I/O, the SI-24 control surface boasts moving faders and full automation. Logic RPC Pro software offers 24 tracks of 24-bit/96kHz recording and playback. The final piece of the puzzle is Roland’s R-BUS card that connects your computer with the SI-24! Your future of making music on your computer is only a call away!

Akai’s amazing Z8-LE is an amazing addition to the Z line of samplers. Featuring everything the original Z8 has to offer, including a removable remote panel, 8 real-time knobs and more, the LE version differs in that it is completely customizable and even more affordable. Shipping with 16MB of RAM and without an internal hard drive, the Z8-LE is ready to be customized to your specific needs.

Looking for a professional DVD player? Look no further than Tascam’s DV-D6500! Able to read a wide range of media and programming capabilities, the DV-D6500 is the perfect DVD player for professional studios and installation situations. With analog and digital I/O and RS-232 control, this is one deck that you won’t want to pass on!

If you’re looking for an ultra-affordable subwoofer, the 20/20 S250 System is the core foundation of a professional full bandwidth surround sound monitoring system. With a massive 15″ driver and 250W of clean, linear power, the 20/20 S250 System Subwoofer effortlessly provides the high SPL, low frequency output necessary for multi-channel production work.

Zoom’s newest multitrack digital audio workstation, the MRS-1266 delivers big time features on a small time budget! With 10 recordable audio tracks, plus two independent drum and bass tracks, the MRS-1266 offers amazing possibilities for live recording as well as studio recording. Optional CD-R/RW means you can take your project from start to finish with this multitrack marvel. Call today!

Epiphone’s tribute to John Lennon is complete with the limited edition, signature series EJ-160E! Patterned after the Gibson J-160E acoustic-electrics that were perennial Beatles workhorses, the signature model EJ-160E features an advanced Jumbo, sloped-shoulder body shape, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, a chunky solid mahogany neck and solid rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Call today for more information.

Steinberg has done it again! Virtual Guitarist, Electric Edition is just what the doctor ordered for anyone in need of electric rhythm guitar tracks but can’t play guitar! Featuring 29 different electric guitar players from the 50s to present day, this VST plug-in will add character and texture to your tracks – seamlessly and easily. Call today for more information!

Don’t let the name fool you! Finale Guitar may be the first pro level notation package specifically geared toward guitar players, but there’s more under the hood than meets the eye. Featuring much of what Finale has been known for all these years, Finale Guitar would make anyone looking for a powerful notation package – who might also be working on a tight budget – jump for joy! Call today!

Glyph’s X-Project hard drive solutions have long been the perfect mate to Digidesign’s Digi 001 DAW recording systems. The newest addition to the family features a whopping 120 GB and easy-to-use FireWire connection! Glyph systems are the proven heavy weight storage champions for audio professionals everywhere. Call today!

Now for something completely different… Edirol’s UM-1 MIDI interface features an innovative all-in-one design and an incredibly low price! The MIDI interface is “tethered” to a USB cable on one end and two MIDI cables on the other. For the mobile musician, or the small MIDI studio, nothing could be easier! Call!

Massive MOTU storage! Glyph’s whopping 120GB M Project is not only approved to work side by side with MOTU’s FireWire audio interface solutions, but it features hot swappable FireWire connection and HUGE storage capabilities! Plug and play is the name of the game, and with 120GB you’ll likely never run out of room! Call today for more information!

Summit Audio’s new 2BA-221 is an extremely versatile mic/line preamp that features vacuum tube character for a price that won’t break the bank! This single channel unit handles mic, line and Hi-Z input and has both a tube and solid state output option! Additionally, variable mic impedance and high pass filter offer creative control not found in similarly priced preamps. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today!

Focusrite’s newest vocal channel strip – the Voice Master Pro – will knock your socks off with its amazing sound and vocal-specific processing! Everything you need to track world-class vocals in one box at a price that won’t break the bank.

Finally, an affordable professional 5-disc carousel CD changer! The DCM-280 from Denon allows playback of CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 CDs! Full featured and ready to ship to your door. Call today for more information.

Denon’s new DNT-625 is the perfect dual serving tool for your studio, house of worship, DJ rig and more. With a CD player AND cassette deck built into the same rugged unit, convenience and quality come hand-in-hand. The DNT-625 also features RS-232 remote control capabilities, digital output, independent display information and more. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer!

Adam Audio’s A.R.T. (Accelerated Ribbon Technology) has been the buzz in Europe for a while and has now really taken off here in the States. What does it mean? The folded ribbon transducer – different from ANY other tweeter offered in the pro audio market – squeezes air in a 4:1 ration rather than moving it like a piston in a 1:1 ratio. This helps to deliver an extremely open and detailed HF response and outstanding imaging with a HUGE sweet spot. The S2-A is a two-way, shielded active monitor that features a 7.25″ woofer and the afore mentioned A.R.T. folded ribbon tweeter, each powered by their own 150W amp. They sound amazing – it’s that simple. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today for more information.

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