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Microphone Month 3

New in Stock Special Edition

We’ve been receiving so many incredible new toys at Sweetwater recently we’ve decided to dedicate this entire issue of inSync to them. Below you will find a smattering of the new stuff we’ve received of late. Our normal inSync format will return tomorrow.

New in stock at Sweetwater:

Tascam’s Pocketstudio 5 is just what it says it is, a compact multitrack digital recorder with a generous range of excellent, pro-studio style features, like great effects, editing, an internal MIDI tone module, and the ability create a stereo mix in MP3 format, just to name a few. It uses Compact Flash cards for media, and can run for two hours on standard AA batteries. Tascam also dropped off their CD-D1x4 CD duplicator, a reliable, cost-effective duplication solution for musicians, recording studios, independent record labels or anyone else that requires multiple replicas of their audio CDs or CD-ROMs.

The Model 901 is Grace’s latest reference headphone amplifier. It delivers such a detailed sound that with a good monitoring system you’ll probably be able to hear nuances you might have missed otherwise. In short, it’s just the kind of state-of-the-art performance audio pros look for from Grace.

Aphex’s 207 is a two-channel tube microphone preamplifier and instrument DI featuring MicLim, the world’s only mic level limiter which controls the transient spikes that could ruin that otherwise perfect take. The instrument DI is extremely quiet (over 90dB dynamic range) and the MicLim provides distortion-free peak protection for the DI inputs as well.

Manna for the keyboardist who can’t sit still, Roland’s AX-7 strap-on MIDI controller 45-note keyboard is a direct descendent from the noble AX-1, but with even more features for greater control.

Line 6’s Mod Pro effects modeler won’t turn you into Pete Townsend circa1965 (the Who were mods. Get it?). It will give you an extremely generous menu of classic Modulation effects. In seconds you can dial up dead-on accurate models of greats like the Fender Deluxe Optical Tremolo, the Vox AC15 Bias Tremolo, the Ibanez Flying Pan, the Leslie 145 and many, many more.

Soundcraft makes an impressive foray into the world of computer-based audio production with the 328XD mixer. Soundcraft has built upon the original 328’s already acclaimed performance, broadening the mixer’s functionality to become a complete production control center for computers, DAWs and even dedicated hard disk recorders, with full dynamic automation and moving faders.

Now bass players can take full advantage of Roland’s COSM modeling! The V-Bass offers a great selection of modeling and effects for all things bass. You can model some of the world’s most popular bass instruments and amplifiers, plus there’s a ton of other great features.

The latest entry into AKG’s “K” Series headphones (with a headphone for every occasion), the K240S are a lower impedance version of the legendary K240, designed to be pushed to high volume by virtually any amp. Their durability means the K240S are destined to become the next studio staples.

The VA-76 is Roland’s most feature-packed arranger keyboard, with 128-voice polyphony, 3,649 pro-quality sounds, and much, much more – even Roland’s proprietary VariPhrase technology.

A new Gibson Les Paul Studio – except it’s EVIL! Well, not really. It’s the “Goth” model with Satin Black finish and black chrome hardware. So it’s not really evil, it’s just finished that way.

Two FireWire wonders from Glyph! Glyph’s latest issue of MOTU approved mega-storage for your audio data is the MProject 80, an 80GB (!!!) FireWire hardrive, given the official MOTU seal of approval for use with their 828 and 896 FireWire audio interfaces. The CD Rec 40 is a high-quality CD burning bundle that connects via FireWire.

Zoom’s nifty MRS-4 digital 4-track recorder is in! This is an extremely compact and affordable workstation with editing, effects, cabinet modeling and quite a few other cool features. It uses convenient SmartMedia cards for saving audio.

Two new additions to Canon’s maximum features/minimum fuss ZR Series camcorders are in. The ZR40 and ZR45MC include all the features that made the other ZR camcorders so cool – like the fact that they are some of the easiest to operate camcorders out there – augmented with capabilities like Digital Photo Mode, built-in Analog to Digital converter, the ability to transfer digital video and audio to and from a PC or VCR/DVD via FireWire, and much more.

Canned rock? Rock in a can? Fender®’s Amp Can is a compact, cylindrical amplifier that you can take with you and plug into anywhere. Far more than just a novelty amp, the Amp Can actually sounds darn good. It comes with a re-chargeable battery and a Power Pak, and features 2 fully independent channels (guitar and mic/line) with a distortion switch on the guitar channel.

From Fender®, the Classic Player Stratocaster® has the look and vibe of an old favorite axe that has been customized just a little bit. This instrument features a “C neck” and Midnight wine finish.

Sony’s latest minidisc recorder is perhaps their slimmest and most feature-packed in its class. The MZ-B100 is the perfect tool for conveniently recording performances, quick demos, collecting sounds, and other “in the field” recording tasks. Its no fuss, no muss operation and features like voice-activated recording make it ideal for reporters, interviewers, and journalists. You can also easily monitor playback with the built-in speaker.

Paul Reed Smith’s Santana guitars are some of the most popular PRS instruments we sell. Heck, they’re some of the most popular guitar models anywhere. The look and the sound of the Santana III will be instantly familiar to any guitar afficiando: it’s just like the instrument its namesake has been using for decades.

ART’s DPS Mic Pre offers twin high performance discrete preamplifiers with local feedback, coupled with ART’s proprietary Variable Valve Voicing (V3) 12AX7A gain stage. A versatile insert loop on each channel provides access for additional signal processing or direct access to the A/D converter.

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