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New Absynth

Q: What’s new in Native Instruments Absynth 5 soft synth?

A: There’s a lot to be excited about with the new Absynth 5:

  • Expanded sound library — more than 200 new synth sounds, 30 new effects settings; a total of around 1,800 sounds.
  • Mutator — a new approach to sound design that allows the intuitive combination of sound characteristics without dealing with complex editing.
  • Aetherizer — a new effect that creates “granular” effects for unusual chorus and vocoder sounds, grain clouds, delays, pitch shifts, reverbs and strange reflections, and more. Plus, like all Abynth effects, it can process external audio!
  • Cloud Filter — another granular effect, but this one acts on the oscillator channels, creating chorus, pitch shift, and reverb effects, plus dense, aggressive tones.
  • Supercomb Filterphysical-modeling sounds with adjustable resonance for realistic acoustic sounds.
  • Filter Feedback — a new feedback path in many of Absynth’s filter paths gives more dramatic sound manipulation for increased sonic options.

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