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June 2017 Giveaway

Native Instruments’ Vokator

Not just an exceptional vocoder, VOKATOR by Native Instruments is also a sophisticated synthesizer, a granular sampler, and a virtual sound-fusion laboratory all rolled up into one! Previous vocoders used eight, sixteen, twenty, or even thirty-two frequency bands – the more frequency bands, the smoother and creamier the effect. Unlike its predecessors, VOKATOR’s advanced engine uses a whopping 1024 bands! Call today!

News You Can Use

FREE Auralex Tubetak!
If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to “tune your room,” April is the time and Sweetwater is the place! Why? Beyond the fact that your Sweetwater Sales Engineer is a walking Encyclopedia when it comes to acoustic treatment and that Auralex leads the nation in affordable acoustic solutions for studios on any budget, when you purchase $500 in Auralex acoustic foam in the month of April, Auralex will set you up with all the Tubetak adhesive you need! That’s right, you will receive enough Tubetak to adhere your new acoustic treatment around your studio! So, tune your room with confidence AND save $$$! Call for more details.

Pro Tools|HD 3 Control|24 Promotion
Are you tired of mousing around? Then get tactile control of your mix with a Control|24 control surface. For a limited time, not only will you get a powerful, 24-fader control surface with 16 Focusrite mic pres, you’ll also receive a free 192 AD card – a $1,295 value – when you purchase the Control 24 with Pro Tools|HD 3! This way you can easily hook up all of your 16 mic pres to you 192 I/O interface to stream directly into Pro Tools|HD without the need for additional external preamplification or AD cards. This is a limited time offer, call today for more information!

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