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Motif to the Max!

A message from Sweetwater’s Director of Product Optimization, Daniel Fisher, about an awesome reason to purchase a Yamaha Motif before March 15, 2012:

All of us at Sweetwater are willing to go that extra mile to offer you something no one else can. Sometimes it’s having product knowledge that’s deeper than the other folks have; sometimes it’s rapidly inventing a solution for a gigging musician’s dilemma. As Director of Product Optimization, my goal is to offer our customers something exciting and unique that can be bundled into their purchases.

Now it’s time to offer something extraordinary for the Yamaha Motif XF workstations. Buy a Motif XF6, Motif XF7, or Motif XF8 between now and March 15th and we’ll throw in a 512MB Flash Board for loading in your own samples for free (retail price $199).

And then, to give you something amazing to fill that flash board, we’re including Chick Corea’s Mark V Electric Piano Library (retail $129). This fantastic electric piano library comes from Chick’s favorite Rhodes Stage 73 Mark V that he calls his “Number One.” It has been tweaked and improved continuously throughout its life to become Chick’s most important instrument. When it became too valuable to take on the road, Chick had every note of it sampled in his own Mad Hatter Studios with 12 unlooped velocity layers for every single note. The results were so good that Chick now uses the Motif XF on tour, allowing him to keep his precious Mark V safely at home.

Along with the sample library, we’re also including two interview videos with Chick about the creation of this library and, three Motif sequence songs that allow you to hear Chick’s electric piano played by Chick himself!

But time is limited on this incredible Sweetwater bundle, so make sure you purchase your Motif XF by March 15, 2012!

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