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More Motif

When you buy a MOTIF XS keyboard from a regular music retailer, you get a great keyboard in a pretty nice cardboard box. But, when you invest in a Yamaha MOTIF XS (including the MOTIF XS6, MOTIF XS7, and MOTIF XS8) from Sweetwater, you get a great keyboard, a nice cardboard box, and an incredible dose of the Sweetwater Difference – in this case, a huge bundle of FREE extras. First up is a library of sounds – a total of 563MB of sounds – that comes preinstalled on a free 1GB USB thumb drive. Next is the Sweetwater-exclusive XSpert CD-ROM. Then, our award-winning Service Department will install the latest OS software so that your keyboard is up to date right out of the box. While they’re installing things, they’ll also drop in 512MB of RAM and add the Sweetwater-exclusive Flash Drive Mounting Plate to your MOTIF. But we’re not done; we’ll also include a bonus DVD-ROM filled with all the new updates and drivers, as well.

In total, you’ll receive nearly $1,200 worth of FREE included extras with your MOTIF — and did we mention there’s no charge for all those extras?

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