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Microphone Month 5

More on using the ear from drum mike placement

More follow up to the recent tips in drum mike positioning. In the 7/6/99 issue of inSync we wrote about using one ear to listen to the drums from the microphone’s perspective. As a footnote one of our inSync readers offers the following:

“The engineer should keep in mind that the human ear perceives the direct to diffuse balance much like an omnidirectional microphone and therefore a directional microphone (which is more commonly used for drum miking) must be placed further away to achieve the same results. If I recall correctly you will find that multiplying the distance of your omnidirectional microphone (or single ear) to the sound source by 1.7 you will find a similar direct/diffuse balance with a standard cardioid. That number will increase to as much as two when using a hyper to super cardioid.”

Once again it all boils down to taking a listen. These tricks will help you get more in the ballpark faster, but you still have to roll some tape (spin some disk) and record a little bit before you can really tell what it’s going to sound like. Even that is tough because you often don’t have all of the other instrumentation to check against.

Hopefully all of this and more will come out in the soon to be announced Drum Miking Summit (stay tuned later this week).

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