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More On Drum Triggering

In response to our recent tip on triggering samples (TTOTD 6/30/98), Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Dan Hogan reminds us that a good trigger to MIDI interface makes the job easier in a variety of ways.

“I have toured with a K2000 as my main drum brain for a couple years (Soundmen love it). I use a variety of pads from Roland, KAT, and even some old Tama Techstars. I use my Roland Octapad as a trigger input device (6 trigger inputs plus 8 pads on board) and send MIDI note numbers to the Kurzweil. The Octapad has the ability to set sensitivity so I can set things up for my playing. The Octapad is great with the Kurzweil because it makes it easy to program around the fact that the Kurzweil kits are not configured in a standard format that is easily translated to most drum brains.”

Editor’s Note: Back in the “good old days/” trigger to MIDI conversion was a very arduous and unreliable operation, even on dedicated hardware costing thousands of dollars.

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