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Moogerfooger power adapter tip.

Q: “What kind of power adapter can I use with my moogerfoogers?”

A: Our first answer to this question is always, “To avoid potential damage to your gear, always use the power adapter provided by the manufacturer.” However, we know that adapters get lost and sometimes manufacturer replacements are not immediately available. Moogerfoogers require a +9 volt DC power supply that can supply at least 200 milliamperes (mA) of current. In addition, the tip of the plug must be positive for correct polarity. Some manufacturers’ power adapters use a negative tip. The moogerfooger circuitry is protected against accidental damage due to the use of an adapter with the wrong polarity so if you connect the incorrect type the units will not work, but not be damaged. Never use an adapter whose output voltage exceeds 15 volts, as this can cause damage. Most adapters are labeled with voltage and current specifications and a polarity diagram.

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