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Moog Minitaur


Want the classic bass sounds of the legendary Moog Taurus pedals? One way to get them is to pick up a Taurus — we have a few of the limited edition Taurus 3 reissues left if you act quickly!

Or, you could grab one of the brand-new Minitaur synths. These compact tabletop synths give you all the bass synth power you could ever want, with 100% analog signal path, two oscillators, saw and square waveforms, envelopes, modulation, glide, filter, and much more! You can drive the Minitaur via classic control voltage, or use MIDI or USB MIDI to take control. It’s the most portable Moog ever, designed for use onstage, in the studio, or even as an educational tool for teaching synthesis.

But the coolest thing is the sound — we’re talking huge, fat, powerful bottom end for days!

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