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Modulation Knob on Moog Little Phatty

Q: I just got the Moog Slim Phatty and when I turn the knobs in the mod section nothing is changing. I’m familiar with synths but nothing is happening when I turn the knobs. Any idea what could be wrong??

A: Our friend Amos at Moog responds:

“On the Slim Phatty, the modulation section doesn’t automatically do anything without a mod wheel. I added a special trick to the Slim Phatty in order to deal with this:

“Press and hold the Mod Amount button for half a second or so and it should start blinking. You’re now in ‘Mod Wheel Mode’ — the Modulation knob is now a mod wheel. Turn the modulation knob all the way up. Now the modulation will be fully active, at whatever amount you set using the actual modulation amount parameter.

“Press and hold the Mod Amount button again to exit this mode and to adjust the normal Mod Amount parameter again.

“Once the Mod Wheel parameter is at maximum, it will stay that way until you change it yourself or until you power off the synth (it always comes up with Mod Wheel at zero). Or of course if you send a MIDI Mod Wheel message it will override this setting.”

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