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Modifying drum patterns in the Boss BR-1180

“Can I create my own rhythm tracks with Boss’ BR-1180CD?”

There are three ways you can get rhythm tracks out of your BR-1180 – letting you add drums to a song without sacrificing a recording or playback track.

1. The BR-1180 offers lots of preset rhythm patterns right out of the box. The rhythm track plays its own collection of great-sounding onboard stereo PCM drum samples.
2. New patterns can be loaded from Standard MIDI Files, or users can even load .WAV drum loops right into the rhythm track.
3. You can create your own patterns in the BR-1180 using a method similar to drum machine programming. Use the following procedure to create a pattern:

Cursor to “PTN,” then press ENTER.
• Use the CURSORS and TIME/VALUE dial to set the rhythm pattern’s measure, count and time signature.
• Press [REC].
• Press [PLAY]. After a one-measure count-in, recording begins.
• Play the drum kit by pressing the TRACK buttons (see below)
• Press STOP
• Press PLAY to hear your pattern.

[1] Kick
[2] Snare
[3] Closed Hi Hat
[4] Open Hi Hat
[5] Low Tom
[6] Mid Tom
[7] High Tom
[8] Crash Cymbal
[9/10] Ride Cymbal

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