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Missing Voices On Motif Workstations

Q: I continue to create my own “Voices” on my Motif, but when I turn it back on they seem to go away.

A: If the “Auto Demo Load” function is ON, the Motif will load demo files (Songs, Patterns, Voices, etc.) when it is powered-up. Any User Voices OR User Performance memories that were created previously will be overwritten. To avoid this, the “Auto Demo Load function” must be turned OFF (this is true with the Motif6, Motif7 and Motif8). Follow these steps:

1. Press the [UTILITY] button to enter Utility mode.
2. Press the [F1] button to access the ‘GENERAL’ functions display.
3. Press the [SF4] button to access the ‘OTHER’ sub-functions display.
4. Press the appropriate [ < ], [ > ], [ ^ ] or [ v ] cursor buttons to move the cursor to the ‘AutoDemoLoad’ parameter field.
5. Press the [DEC/NO] button to toggle the selection to ‘off’. This will disable the Auto Demo Load function.
6. Press the [EXIT] button to exit Utility mode.

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