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Minimizing latency in your Digi001 system.

“What can I do to minimize latency on my Digi 001 system while tracking?”

While tracking, you’ll usually want to operate Pro Tools with the lowest level of latency possible. Pro Tools LE offers Low Latency Monitoring as an option for tracking, which generally gives you less than 3 milliseconds of latency. However, there are some things to be aware of when using low latency monitoring:

– Only tracks with inputs set to an audio interface (not a bus) use low latency monitoring.
– Only tracks assigned to outputs 1 and/or 2 use low latency monitoring.
– All plug-ins and sends assigned to record-enabled tracks (routed to Outputs 1-2) are automatically bypassed, and must remain bypassed.
– Record-enabled tracks will not register on meters for master faders.

These restrictions are easy to work around and actually make sense because they reduce the amount of processing that your computer has to do before outputting the signals.

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