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Mini Humbuckers Versus Full Humbuckers

Q: What do the Gibson Les Paul Studio ’70s Tribute mini humbuckers sound like compared to the 490R/498T pickups found on the Les Paul Studio ’50s Tribute? I’ve never played mini humbuckers before.

A: Mini humbuckers are tonally sort of a cross between a humbucker and a single-coil, in the same ballpark sonically as a P-90, but humbucking (meaning no noise) and with a bit more mid drive. The pickups in the Les Paul ’70s Tribute are fairly high output, so they are a bit thicker and hotter than some other mini humbuckers, but still with that single-coil-style top end bite and chime.

The Gibson 490 pickups are thicker and darker sounding, with much hotter output than the mini humbuckers.

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