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MIDI Solutions

Some handy and useful products never get the attention they deserve, which is why we’d like to highlight MIDI Solutions. Anyone whose rig includes MIDI should know about these affordable MIDI problem solvers (and should probably own at least a couple of them!). MIDI Solutions makes MIDI thru boxes (for splitting out a single MIDI signal to multiple MIDI outputs) and MIDI merge boxes (for merging multiple MIDI signals to a single MIDI output), in sizes ranging from two to eight outputs or inputs. There’s also the Footswitch Controller, which makes it possible to trigger a MIDI event, such as a program change or a start/stop, via a footswitch.

For more-specialized MIDI needs, the Event Processor and the Event Processor Plus offer unmatched flexibility for processing MIDI messages in whatever way you need — mapping, filtering, triggering events (or even triggering based on a sequence of events!), converting to SysEx or NRPN messages… the list goes on. These programmable MIDI Swiss Army knives are equipped to handle everything from very basic to extremely complex MIDI tasks.

All MIDI Solutions gear features roadworthy construction. Most are about the size of a stompbox, so they’re easy to take anywhere — and since they’re powered by the MIDI cable, they don’t require external power supplies or batteries! Best of all, they won’t break the bank.

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