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Mic Cable Labels

Want to speed up set up time and sound check the next time you play a gig? (Or run a session in your studio, for that matter…)

Dedicate a mic cable to each microphone and label it on both ends. Lead vocal? Give him or her a cable with the appropriate label on each end. Snare drum? Its own labeled cable. Bass DI? Same thing. Kick drum? You get the idea…

Now, when you set up, run each cable to a dedicated channel on the snake or console. Lead vocal, channel 1. Rhythm guitar, channel 7. Floor tom, channel 10. Once again, you get the idea…

By always using the same channels and knowing exactly which cable is plugged in where (that’s where the labels on both ends come in), you’ll be amazed at how much more efficient set up and sound check can be. Try it!

One caveat: when a cable goes bad, it will now be easy to track down. But don’t delay — get it out of there and replaced or fixed immediately! If you do replace it with a new cable, make sure it has the appropriate label.

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