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Making OMS patch lists work in FreeMIDI

“I’m a Digital Performer user and would like to use the


found in


, but for various reasons I’m forced to use


. Is there a way I can still use OMS and the patch lists from FreeMIDI?”

Digital Performer can be configured to use the current OMS Setup, including OMS Devices and Patch lists.

The setup below describes how to force OMS to use FreeMIDI patch lists.

Getting Started:

OMS Setup:
1. Quit FreeMIDI Setup and OMS Setup
2. Locate the Factory Names folder found in the System Folder>OMS Folder
3. Open the Factory Names Folder, and remove the contents (you may want to back up the contents of this folder, or simply throw them out)
4. Open the OMS Preferences folder (in the System Folder>OMS Folder) and throw out the “OMS Name Manager Prefs”
5. Launch OMS Setup, delete visible OMS Devices, and reconfigure the OMS Setup
6. When adding devices in OMS, be sure to choose from the list of Manufacturers and Models.
7. After completing your OMS Setup, Save and Make Current

Setting up FreeMIDI:
1. Launch FreeMIDI Setup
2. Open the FreeMIDI Preferences window (File menu), and choose “Use OMS when available” from the Software Compatibility section. You may need to Quit and Launch FreeMIDI again so FreeMIDI opens using OMS’ Setup
The same OMS Setup above will appear in FreeMIDI. More importantly, the FreeMIDI patch list you have always known and love will remain intact.
This trick only works when a FreeMIDI application is using the OMS setup. This method does not publish patch lists directly into OMS to use with software like ProTools, Studio Vision, Cubase or other OMS compatible software.
This method only works if OMS supports a device. For example, this method will make OMS refer to FreeMIDI’s JV-1080 patch list because OMS supports the JV-1080. This method will not work with a JV-1010, because OMS doesn’t support the JV-1010.

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