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Making your keyboard immune to All-Note-Off messages

Too much information. Today’s tip deals with extraneous note off information generated by Roland keyboards.

“I’m having a problem slaving my K2000 and K2500 to any of my Roland keyboards or controllers. If I’m playing a piano patch and use the Sustain Pedal and then let go of all the keys (on my Roland), the sounds on my Kurzweil are abruptly cut-off (even though I’m still stepping on the Sustain Pedal). But as long as I’m holding at least one note down on my Roland, the notes on the Kurzweil sustain correctly. My current solution is to wedge the low A on my Roland down, at least then I can play the K2k piano sounds like normal, but I’m hoping someone has a better solution.”

As answered by Daniel Fisher, our Director of Soundware Engineering.

Keith Emerson sometimes stabs throwing-knives in-between his keys to keep some notes down, but I think I have a better solution for you. The problem is that Roland keyboards insist on sending a lot of All-Notes-Off messages and many other brands of keyboards have trouble dealing with these messages. The elegant solution is to go to the MIDI RECEIVE Page on your Kurzweil k2000/K2500 and change the parameter “AllNotesOff” from “Normal” to “Ignore”. Now you can use your key-wedges for other interesting musical tricks.

Editor’s Note: Not all MIDI instruments can ignore all-note-off messages, but there are a variety of MIDI hardware devices, such as MIDI patch bays, that will filter these and other unneeded messages.

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