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MachFive 3

MOTU has released MachFive 3.0, the latest generation of their universal sampler for creative music production. MachFive was rebuilt from the ground up for version 3, with a new user interface, a 45GB sound library,a new hybrid synthesis engine, licensed algorithms from the IRCAM research institute, LoopLab avdanced slice loop editor, universal 3rd-party library support, complete mixing, IR Verb convolution reverb, drag and drop operation, multi-sample import, multiple outputs (17 stereo pairs), unlimited polyphony, ultra-low latency, and many new and powerful features.

Also new are seven signature scripted instruments:

  • Telematic — a dynamic recreation of the Fender Telecaster electric guitar with 9,500 samples — yes, 9,500 — five velocity layers, four round robin samples per note, separate up and down strokes, hammer on, pull off, slides up and down, mutes, fret noises, chord recognition, strumming engine, chord sequencing, automatic hand position, and solo mode string detection.
  • Star Drums — a complete drum set in both acoustic and processed versions with multiple mics, mixing, adjustable sample cycling, and easy setup with support for General MIDI and other industry-standard MIDI controller mappings.
  • J-Bass — a deeply sampled and scripted electric bass with a variety of playing techniques, including finger and pick (with or without muting from the right hand), legato, hammer, and slide.
  • The Upright — a world-class acoustic upright bass supplied with multiple miking positions and many playing techniques including hammer, slide, legato, slap, release volume, and sensitivity.
  • F Grand 278 — an expertly crafted Fazioli concert grand with release volume, pedal volume, key noises, resonance volume (the sound of the body of the piano), room ambiance (convolution), velocity sensitivity, and velocity amplification.
  • Mark 79 — a richly sampled classic Fender Rhodes Mark II suitcase piano from 1979, including 2,500 samples across ten velocity layers with time-based release samples for accurate staccato, resonance, effects such as tremolo and spring reverb, and adjustable key and pedal noise.
  • Percussiv — a comprehensive Latin/world percussion set with both General MIDI and default mappings.

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