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M9 and M13 Updated

Line 6 has released new software versions for the popular M9 and M13 stompbox-modeling multieffects pedalboards. (The software in currently shipping units should be current; for older units, Line6.com to ensure you have the latest software in your M9 or M13.)

The updates include a variety of new models:

  • Pattern Tremolo
  • Script Phaser
  • AC Flanger Bucket Brigade chip modeled
  • 80A Flanger Bucket Brigade chip modeled
  • Frequency Shifter Line 6 original
  • Bass Octaver
  • 5 EQs
  • 8 Wahs
  • Smart Harmony
  • Pitch Glide
  • Particle Verb – a Line 6 original!

The M13 also gains the following features:

  • 4 folders of 12 scenes each (total of 48 scenes), accessible via MIDI
  • Copy from Scene to Scene
  • Control the Looper via MIDI without the M13 going into Looper mode
  • Dim OFF

The M9 gains the following features:

  • Relative mode
  • Heel/toe pixels to show you where the expression pedal is
  • Sync to MIDI beat clock
  • Re-sync LFOs
  • 4 folders of 6 scenes each (total of 24 scenes), accessible via Midi
  • Control the Looper via MIDI without the M9 going into looper mode
  • Dim OFF

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