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Getting Loopy with Gibson #3

This is the third in a series of Tech Tips designed to show you some of the exciting live performance possibilities of the Gibson Echoplex. Last time, we told you how to create an audio-controlled stutter effect. Today’s tip shows you how to create a foot-controlled stutter.

  1. Connect a footswitch to the BeatSync jack.
  2. Set Sync=In.
  3. Record a loop.
  4. Press Mute, then Multiply.
  5. Press the footswitch. The loop you’ve just recorded will start playing back from the beginning and play once. Every time you press the footswitch, the loop will restart from its beginning.

If you’re using the stutter effect with a guitar, this method allows you the type of control you’d get from using a wah pedal or other expression device. Okay, not as unpredictable as using an audio control, but there’s certainly plenty of room for spontaneity.

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