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Getting Logic to work with your Delta sound card.

“I’m getting an error trying to get the Logic software that was bundled with my Delta 1010 audio interface saying it can’t find the ASIO driver. How do I get this properly installed on my Mac?”

Per the Sweetwater Technical Support staff, here are the installation instructions for any of the Delta series on a Macintosh.

The Delta drivers for the Macintosh are broken into a series of files that need to be placed in the proper places on the hard drive. These instructions will break down which files go where on the hard drive, and how to make sure the Delta is working once all the files are in their places. If you already have the Delta installed and are upgrading the drivers, all the driver files and preferences should be deleted from your hard drive before proceeding. To do this, open Sherlock and find everything that says ‘Delta’. This will include the Delta Driver, the Delta Panel PPC, ASIO Delta, ASIO2 Delta, and the MMDelta Preferences. Trash all these files and reboot, then install the new drivers.

1. On the Drivers CD that comes with the Delta, open the Delta Products folder and open the folder for whichever Delta product you have.
2. In here you’ll find the Delta Driver, the Delta Panel PPC, and the ASIO drivers. The first thing we need to do is place a copy of the Delta Driver into the Extensions folder, which is located in the System folder of your hard drive. When you reboot your computer, the Delta Driver should be the first Extension to load.
3. The second part of the drivers is the Delta Panel PPC. This can be put anywhere on the hard drive you like. We recommend putting this file on the desktop so it can be opened easily.
4. Finally there are the ASIO drivers. If you’re using an application like Cubase or Logic with ASIO support, there will be an ASIO Drivers folder within the folder for that particular program. The next time the application is launched, the Delta ASIO driver should be available in the Audio Preferences window.
5. Now we’re ready to install the card. Power down the machine completely and install the Delta into an available PCI slot on the motherboard of your computer.
6. When you turn on the computer, the Delta Driver should be the first Extension that loads on your screen. If this happens, you know you’re ready to go.

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