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In Line Mixer

An audio mixer configured to be able to monitor multitrack tape returns through the same channels that are used for inputs from microphones, line input sources, etc (see WFTD In Line Monitoring). This is in contrast to a configuration known as a split mixer, which has separate inputs dedicated to tape sends and returns. In line mixers have the advantage of being able to be smaller and less expensive, since each channel does double duty. It can often be accomplished with a couple more knobs and switches on each channel strip. This can potentially be a drawback since resources such as EQ, aux sends, etc, may have to be split between the input signal and the tape return signal, however, in many practical applications this limitation isn’t considered a problem since a resource like EQ will be used on the input source during tracking and overdubs, and then can be devoted to the tape return on mixdown since the mic/line input portion of the channel won’t be active.

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