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In-Line Monitoring

A mixing board architecture. Many newer large format mixing consoles have an additional, (often smaller) fader section designed into each channel strip. This can directly feed either the recorded signal being fed to the multitrack recorder or the monitor mix. In the standard monitor mix mode, this small fader is used to adjust the monitor level of the associated tape track. In the “Flipped” mode, it is used to control the signal being sent to tape while the main fader can be used to control monitor mix levels. This enables multitrack levels (which aren’t often changed while recording) to be located out of the way, while the more frequently used monitor levels are located at the more accessible main fader position. Mixing consoles that do not use an inline configuration usually employ what is known as a “split” format, where the tape sends and returns are on completely separate channel strips from the main channel inputs. Both designs have their strengths and weaknesses. Most modern consoles use the in-line approach.

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