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Line 6 Uber Metal Review

Here is a pedal for those who love a big, fat distortion!

I have been on a quest for many years to find a great guitar distortion pedal that was economical, full of gain, and built like a tank. I have used many distortion pedals that were very satisfactory but the Line 6 ber Metal Pedal has been my favorite. It is a very versatile pedal. I tend to love a distortion that easily brings out harmonics all over the fretboard. I use it on stage and in the studio.

This pedal is great for those who want a mild to very aggressive distortion. Some of the bands that use this style of distortion are Chevelle, Sevendust, Bullet for my Valentine, and many others. With the drive knob turned all the way up this pedal is like a smack in the face!

One great feature on the ber Metal Pedal is the ability to switch between three distortion types. The types are Metal, Pulverize, and Insane. I tend to use the Metal setting the most, but I like all the distortion sounds. Another great tool is the gate switch which allows you block unwanted feedback. The flexibility of the scoop and mid controls really help you shape your tone.

Over all this is a great pedal. I encourage you to try it out. I am sure you will be impressed by the quality Line 6 provides.

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