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Line 6 Presents the Future of Live Sound

Line 6 introduces an incredibly innovative way to approach live sound, with their StageScape M20d digital mixer and StageSource L3 loudspeakers. Line 6 is one of very few companies to approach digital mixing in a unique way, instead of mimicking the layout of a traditional analog console.

The StageScape M20d digital mixer introduces us to the next level of live sound mixing. It automatically senses when you plug in a microphone, an instrument, or a speaker, and sets up the channel accordingly! That means that once you tell the StageScape M20d that the mic you just plugged in is for a kick drum, your EQ and effects settings are optimized for that particular instrument. These “presets” sound great, but you can also dig in as deeply as you’d like, with complete control over every parameter. The big, colorful touchscreen gives you interactive control over every part of your show. Intuitive interaction with EQs, effects, feedback suppression, and more makes mixing a breeze — even for novices! The StageScape M20d is perfect for bands that mix their own shows or for engineers who are simply looking for a new, more efficient way to work.

Combine the StageScape M20d with Line 6’s StageSource L3 speakers to create a complete, intelligent live sound system that provides clean, clear studio-quality sound. Use the convenient L6 Link capability to digitally network your system, and the StageScape M20d will make speaker management, signal routing, and system optimization easier than ever! StageSource speakers are amazingly intelligent on their own too. Built-in accelerometers know whether the StageSource speaker has been pole-mounted for use as a main speaker or placed on its side as a floor monitor, and built-in DSP adjusts the settings for optimum playback in any setting. The StageSource L3 speakers also feature a built-in mixer for solo use, with two mic/instrument inputs as well as EQ and reverb and chorus effects. So you can use just one StageSource L3 speaker for a solo gig at the coffee house, then use both speakers and your StageSource M20d mixer for club performances!

There’s so much more to say about the StageScape M20d mixer and the StageSource L3 speakers — we’re talking about serious innovation that gives you a completely new way to work with live sound. If you mix live audio, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this incredible new system from Line 6.

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