Line 6 StageScape M20d Touchscreen Digital Mixer

20-ch Digital Mixer with Touchscreen Interface, Auto-sensing Inputs and Outputs, Built-in Processing, USB/SD Card Recording, and Remote Control via Apple iPad
Line 6 StageScape M20d Touchscreen Digital Mixer image 1
Line 6 StageScape M20d Touchscreen Digital Mixer image 1
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Line 6 StageScape M20d Touchscreen Digital Mixer
In Stock!

Easy, Intuitive, and Powerful Mixing

The Line 6 StageScape M20d digital mixing system gives you a powerful and intuitive new way to mix and record your live shows. StageScape M20d was built from the ground up to take the guesswork out of live mixing, letting you focus on the performance and not on your gear. Imagine plugging in all of your sound sources, while the StageScape M20d automatically recognizes which are microphones and which are instruments and optimizes your channel strip and effects settings for them. Then picture managing your signals from an intuitive touchscreen interface, using visual cues to route signals and set up monitor mixes.

The StageScape M20d puts world-class live sound within your reach and even makes recording your performance easier than ever. And with a total of 20 inputs (16 auto-sensing) and six auto-sensing outputs, built-in multiband feedback suppression, remote mixing via iPad, and sound check capability, you'll be able to set up faster — and sound better — than ever before.

Touchscreen control over your mix and sound system

The Line 6 StageScape M20d's large, touchscreen display gives you instant access to an array of mixing functions that are usually spread all over a typical mixing board. Need to get a great vocal sound fast? Plug in your vocal microphone, select a vocal effects preset, and the StageScape M20d will configure a custom chain of processors specifically for vocals, ready to tweak to perfection. Setting up a stage mix is easy too — just plug in all your sound sources and speakers, and the StageScape M20d automatically recognizes what's plugged into it. Routing signals, adding effects, and even setting up monitor mixes is as effortless as playing connect the dots.

An entire rack's worth of sound processors built right in

The incredibly powerful DSP built into the StageScape M20d replaces multiple racks of gear that you would need to get the best live sound. You get multiband feedback suppression on every microphone input for squeal-free performance, even with the most difficult stage setups. And in addition to a host of EQ, dynamics, and effects processors available for every channel, you get four stereo master effects available for adding a final polish to your entire mix. Best of all, the StageScape M20d's intuitive touchscreen interface makes setting everything up so easy, that pro-sounding live mixes are within your reach even if you've never used a mixing board before!

Sets up faster than ever

Thanks to the StageScape M20's Quick Capture sound check features, you can record up to 20 seconds of audio to the internal memory from any of the inputs. The recording plays in a loop so you can optimize each sound while the band continues setting up. And best of all, you can set up and adjust the StageScape M20d from anywhere in the room with your iPad! It's the perfect way to make mix adjustments from different parts of the room, and a great way to tweak monitor mixes from the stage.

Record your show

In addition to using the 20 seconds of Quick Capture recording, you can also record your entire show in high-resolution 24-bit WAV files to an SD card or a USB drive, or directly to your Mac or PC! The WAV files are recorded pre-effects, so the raw tracks can be processed and mixed later in your favorite DAW software, such as Avid Pro Tools or PreSonus Studio One.

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Tech Specs

Type Digital
Channels 16
Inputs - Mic Preamps 12 x XLR
Inputs - Line 4
Inputs - Other 1 x 1/8" (Aux)
Inputs - Digital 2 x USB
Outputs - Main 2 x XLR
Outputs - Other 4 x XLR (Monitor)
Busses/Groups 2 x Bus
Computer Connectivity 2 x USB
Headphones 1 x 1/4"
EQ Bands Fully Parametric
Effects Yes (100 Processors)
Height 4.7"
Depth 13.3"
Width 16"
Weight 12.3 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 99-090-0105

Customer Reviews

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live sound has been reinvented

I haven't used this at a gig yet but i have it set up in my rehearsal space and i'm blown away. Dialing in great sound is a piece of cake. I'm no sound engineer so i always settle for sub par sound with my analog mixer. i couldn't believe the difference this has made and how easy it is to operate


Every working band can benefit from the M20D. And Sound Engineers relax.. The M20D makes your job easier and helps you make the band sound even better! Remarkable amount of power under the hood in deep tweak mode. Just go get one!
Music background: Working musician

Simply Stagescape

Had the Line 6 Stagescape M20d in my sights since it came out. I had many questions about it: Is it worth the money? Will it do what I need it to do? How easy is it to operate? Has the sales rep tried it? Any feedback from purchasers who haven't written a review? And seems like a lot more questions. John, my sales rep, answered every last one of them. The Stagescape is geared toward people like me: a musician who wants a quick PA setup & mix, but who doesn't want to take the time away from the music, and really not that good of an engineer. Is it worth the money? I had my eye on other mixers as well, so first of all, the price: It's high for a regular 16 channel digital mixer, BUT, it includes a lot of effects onboard that the purchaser would otherwise spend a lot of money on. Adding up the cost of mic processors, compressers, gates, reverb, delay, doublers, preamps, and a lot more that would one would normally stack up in a rack, it came out to cost a lot less than the costs of the outboard equipment I had in my rack, and a lot of my rack mounted gear is low-end equipment! Will it do what I need it to do? Is it easy to use? Experimenting with the Stagescape at home, yes, but the real test came with an event that featured multiple bands, where setups and tear-downs had to be quick, with on-the-fly soundchecks. Being it that I was still learning some of the ins and outs of the Stagescape, it was very easy to use in that situation, as it has auto recognition of which cable is plugged-in, then shows a list of icons that can be chosen for the equipment that is actually in that channel, with each icon coming with automatic presets. There are several of each type to choose from, from male or female vocalists and the vocalist's role, acoustic and electric guitars and basses, to drums and percussion, and even external playback devices. Each can be put on the "stage" just using touch and sliding the icon into position No need to look at a list written on tape on the mixer. Once chosen, it is easy to Tweak each icon with simple and easy to use parameters. Even getting in and changing some of the "advanced" settings was made simple. It did, for that event, what I needed it to do. It was basically an assistant engineer for me that I could just set-and-go on-the-fly. Was easy to adjust, on-the-fly, using only the touch screen. Didn't have to mess with settings on rackmount gear as it's all onboard the Stagescape. Also, doesn't need Direct Boxes. What else can it do? It can save all of those settings that you've made so you won't have to redo them at the next gig. It can save all of those settings so you won't have to redo them at each venue. It can also record, live, each of the 12 mic-input channels and the 2 main output channels, each remaining separated when recording, which makes it easy to make small edits if one is releasing a "live album". Monitors are easy as well. No having to try to find which bus the channel is on, it is simply touch the icons, and use the lighted knobs to adjust the monitor mix. It can also do a lot of things that I haven't discovered or haven't needed to use yet. It's that easy. It's also very light and easy to carry/move around. I bought a road case with the Stagescape to protect it. The screen, after all, is a touchscreen. My questions were all answered by my sales rep, as well as another rep. They took the time to answer all of my questions, even though it took a few phone calls and emails. If you are a musician, like me, who wants easy setups, this is for you. If you are a band who wants to just play, this is for you. If you are an house band and don't want to have to redo your sound checks every time you play, this is for you. If you are a not-so-good sound engineer (like me), this is for you. If you don't want to lug a rack around that is loaded with heavy gear, this is for you. If you're used to all of the touchscreen devices that are being used pretty much everywhere, you will feel right at home with the Stagescape. There is so much more I could say about Line 6's Stagescape, but this review is long enough already. So, simply put: I recommend the Stagescape. It is a fun, simple to use, and awesome device!
Music background: Pro Musician, Hobbyist Live & Recording Engineer

StageScape M20d vs. PreSonus 16.4.2

I use my mixers for live sound mostly, and am very familiar with analog mixers as I have owned many over the past 15 years. Just 6 months ago I bought my first digital mixer, a PreSonus 16.4.2, but just sold it last month because it was just too complex for me to learn how to us its many features (and I read it's User Guide many times, and watched many videos in an effort to learn). But for live sound I found it too difficult to quickly locate the controls I needed to make for during performances. Still wanting the digital features of a mixer, I just bought the Line 6 StageScape M20d, (after also considering the Mackie DL1608) and in the first 7 days I have been able to learn and use most of its features! When the M20d came out 6 months ago I considered buying it but thought the small 7" screen was too small to manage all the controls. I was wrong. Now that I own the M20d, I am AMAZED of how easy, simple, and QUICK I can control and adjust settings. Here are some of the best features of the M20d: 1) I can quickly record 20 seconds and hear it immediately; 2) I can easily add various mics and instruments and adjust their FX and EQ settings; 3) the ability to record multiple channels to a USB or SD media... or computer is quick and simple! And lastly, the iPad control feature works perfectly. It holds the WiFi signal and is responsive. (This was something the PerSonus did poorly, and was another big reason I sold it.) Although the M20d was the most expensive of the 3 digital mixers I considered, I am convinced it is the best value because it is so easy to use and offers great iPad controls and multi-channel recording.
Music background: Acoustic Guitarist and Live Sound Engineer

After so many mixers...

I have had the Line 6 M20D for just over one year. I have used many analog mixers since 1969... and purchased this unit to replace a QSC / EV PA system that was stolen.Purchased Line 6 (2) L2m, (2) L3t, and (2) L3s powered speakers to go with it, as well as Line 6 Variax and HD500x. KIller rig with 6400 (Digital) watts.I don't need this much power, having Fender Super Reverb, Marshall JTM-45, and Mesa Boogie Triaxis/2:90 amp... but now, I can leave all that heavy expensive gear home and pick and choose what gear I need to take for the venue that I am playing at that night!.Sound from all the Line 6 gear is fantastic and so easy to set up. Plug and play!Love it and support from Sweetwater's AJ when this gear (And other gear) was purchased.
Music background: Guitar play since 1964
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