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Line 6 PODxt Review

I found that dialing up sounds was easy and intuitive without even opening the manual.

Line 6’s PODxt recreates the entire signal chain of a monster guitar recording rig by modeling much sought-after guitar pedals, amps, cabinets, and mics. You just mix, match, and tweak to create your own personal Franken-tone.

I checked the PODxt out at my home studio using a set of Etymotic-ER4 in-ear monitors which are very neutral and accurate. Flipping through the amp models, I was able to hear the distinct characteristics of the amps that I was familiar with, such as Marshall Plexis, Soldanos, and various Fender combos. I could usually guess which model I was hearing without peeking. The cabinets are equally realistic, in fact my favorite cabinet in real life, the 412 with vintage 30 Celestions, was my favorite cabinet model also. Classic effects and mics on this unit are convincing as well, serving up just what I expected from my experience with the real gear.

The layout of the PODxt is fantastic for guitarists. A full set of amp controls arc across the top, and there are more knobs for tweaking effects. I found that dialing up sounds was easy and intuitive without even opening the manual, and the large screen is easy to read.

For a street price of $299 it would be hard to find a unit with more variety, quality, and authenticity for someone recording at home, jamming with friends, or doing the occasional live show. Does it replace real tube amps and cabinets? Clearly people are still spending lots of cash on the real deal, so no, but you can get a great idea about what a whole mountain of premium gear sounds like without going bankrupt or driving to every boutique store in the country.

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