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Line 6 Pocket POD Review

I found the Pocket POD to be very enjoyable to use with a lot of flexibility contained within a small, cost-effective unit. I took one home, plugged in my headphones, and started flipping through presets, which by the way couldn’t be simpler. I got a kick out of the different presets and their associated names – such as “chugs and kisses,” which is… you guess it… meant for palm muted downstrokes on a very overdriven amp! Then there was “slow swell,” whose name again gives an idea of what the sound is about – a very slowly opening gated effect with some light overdrive and delay; almost synth-like if played correctly at the right speed.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this little unit is its portability. Being the smallest of the Line 6 family, and small it is – measuring a mere 5″ x 3.5″ x 2″, it lends itself well to being able to be transported almost anywhere, anytime, by anyone. It will easily fit in a gig bag or case, and even in the front pocket of a comfortable fitting pair of pants (I tried it). It even has a belt clip!

I plugged the Pocket POD into my mini guitar amp that runs on a 9-volt battery with two watts of power and a 2″ speaker. If you haven’t tried any similar products such as the Fender Mini Tone Blaster or the Fender Mini ’57 Twin, you would not believe how much output such a tiny amp can have! I clipped both the mini amp and the Pocket Pod onto my belt and I was mobile with a whole lot of different sounds at my disposal! It was akin to an economy “wireless system” for a small space!

This is a great product for any guitarist who needs mobility and/or privacy, with many different editable sounds to choose from and practice with. It’s a great solution for guitarists who live in an apartment/dormitory/anywhere that there isn’t a lot of space to store even a small practice amp.

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