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Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler Review

The Line 6 M9 gives guitar players an extremely portable option to take with them on the road, to gigs, or to rehearse with. As soon as I brought this home I found it hard to tear myself away from it. Almost instantly I was editing scenes and dialing in sounds that fit my playing style.

As soon as I got home with in minutes I had the line 6 M9 stomp box unpackaged and plugged in. This was probably the easiest learning curve for me to overcome because everything about the M9 is familiar for anybody who has seen a guitar pedal before. If you have worked with a guitar stomp box in the past, you will be at home with the M9.

I did not have to read the manual to get rolling on this pedal board. Everything is laid out very clearly and intuitively across the board. The menu required to operate effect parameters is set up just like a stomp box and the controls almost exactly mirror that of its analog counterparts. The first thing I did was scroll through the effects on each channel and try out different combinations. I then found myself really wanting to save certain combinations and settings I had come up with…I then discovered that the M9 uses what it calls “scenes”. The scenes are set up to save the different combinations you come up with. This means no matter where you find yourself, you will be able to call up your personal scenes at the touch of a button, or the stomp of a box! You get 6 scenes to work with and with midi you can save a back up of your scenes.

The M9 gives guitar players an extremely portable and user friendly option to take with them on the road, to gigs, or to rehearse with. Plus if you have an expression pedal like the Line 6 EX 1, the live possibilities open up even further. I would recommend all guitarist looking for either their first multi-effect board or a new easy to use compact unit to go and try this little box today.

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