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Line 6 Bass Pod Pro

Bass players unite! The Bass Pod Pro is here. Line 6, one of the few guitar amp companies to take bass players seriously has delivered the Bass Pod Pro. Not just a tweaked version of the Pod Pro for guitars, it has dedicated bass amp models and a cool dual output design that lets you better control what kind of signals you send to your stage rig compared to the house system. Plus it has a 24-bit digital output. The bottom (no pun intended) line is it sounds terrific.

The Sweetwater Digidesign road show tour is coming to Akron, Ohio next week. If you’re in the area stop by and see the latest, greatest stuff. We WILL be showing Digidesign’s new 5.1 release of Pro Tools. It’s very impressive; some say the biggest upgrade they’ve done since they introduced TDM. Come see for yourself. Times and location are in the Events page of our website.

Sweetwater has dramatically lowered the price of Lexicon’s PCM-81 and PCM-91 processors. Lexicon’s processing character and sound quality are quite literally legendary. The 81 and 91 capture some of their most sophisticated algorithms in affordable and easy to use packages, which are now available for under $2000!

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